By: Bernie Coulthurst

Our marketing subject for this month is SELLING, the most important part of marketing the benefits of square dancing – FUN, FITNESS & FRIENDSHIP SET TO MUSIC!

We will cover the common mistakes most square dancers make as they talk to a prospect who called them in response to one of their ads or publicity efforts.

The first mistake is calling your new dancer dances “lessons”! The word “lessons” imply a class room setting, etc. and is interpreted as a negative experience. Please call them what they are – new dancer dances – because that is what they are in the real world. A good square dancer teacher-caller will have the new dancers dancing to a popular song within ten minutes of being on the floor for the first time. A Caller from Wausau, Butch Danielski, is an expert at this. He has the rare talent of being able to call a singing call with only the calls that he has taught within the first ten minutes of being on the floor. He emphasis with the new dancers to have loads of fun learning how to dance. Each new dancer dances has to be a fun experience for your new dancers.

The second mistake most square dancers make when talking to a prospect is that they talk too much. The secret is to get the prospect to talk what is important to them – not what is important to you. Often, the best way to answer a question from a prospect is to ask a relevant question.

Your job is to truthfully answer their questions and concerns with as few words as possible as you try and determine what their HOT BUTTONS are, namely what is their desire and what is important to them. The most common need of your prospects is the desire for a positive social experience! Take a close look at your club dances and you will see that the social aspect of your dances is as important if not more important than the actual dancing.

Your goal is to get their name, phone number, email address and street address (for the Dancer Prospect Data Sheet that you have previously prepared) and to close the sale by inviting them to your next new dancer dance or your club dance to see the fun that happens at your club dances.

The third mistake that most square dancers make when talking to a prospect over the phone is that they don’t know when to stop selling. Again, most square dancers talk too much when talking to a prospect. When you realized that they are “sold” you switch into the brief information mode.

The fourth mistake that most square dancers make when talking to a prospect over the phone is that they are not prepared to answer the questions coming from a prospect. Here are a few of the most common questions and comments that you will receive from your prospects;
My husband (or wife) does not like to dance.
I have two left feet.
Is square dancing hard to learn?
How long does it take to learn to square dance?
Do I have to wear those old fashioned square dance costumes?
Can we bring our kids to the dances?

I am sure that you can think of more possible questions and comments. The key to successful selling is to be prepared to answer the prospect’s questions and concerns. You will not be able to perceive all the expected questions and comments. For those questions you will have to “wing it” but always TELL THE TRUTH.

Thanks for reading these few marketing tips.

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