Squares and Rounds at a Dance:

It’s All in the Timing… Did you know that a typical square dance has the same number of tips, regardless of whether or not round dancing is offered?

According to our callers, they need about seven or eight minutes to rest their voices between tips. Whether dancers use those minutes for socializing or round dancing or another type of dancing, the amount of square dance time is not affected.

Square and round dancers: Let’s work together to ensure the most dance time possible! When you hear dance music, that’s your invitation to get on the floor. When dancers get on and off the dance floor quickly at the end of a tip or rounds segment, the next type of dancing can begin promptly. That means more dancing fun for everyone.

Non-round dancers, please socialize on the sidelines to enable the cuer to be heard easily.

Everyone, let’s respect the time allotted to each type of dancing to ensure a great event for all dancers.

Jan Thompson
[reprinted from Grand Square 52.2 – January 2010]

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