Who would have been able to predict that square dancing would be placed ˙on hold˙ due to a pandemic? The year 2020 certainly has been one that we will all remember and …… hope to forget!

We really miss square dancing and seeing friends that we have met through our own Club as well as SWOSDA dances. At some point in the near future, we will be able to resume this fun activity on a regular basis. Also, we will be able to overcome the challenges that the COVID virus has presented whether through a vaccine or some other unknown solution to allow everyone to feel safe.

There is great news ……. despite lockdowns, stay-at-home instructions, masks and other medical health edicts that we have encountered. Every Club now has time to plan and consider how to grow!

Typically, we usually never have time to put some great brainstorming ideas to work, given our busy schedules in a non-pandemic world. However, time is now on our side.

The other good news is that SWOSDA wants to help you with structuring a plan and marketing ideas that fits your unique market area with a goal to grow your Club once the restrictions on square dancing have been lifted. The SWOSDA Executive is establishing a committee with one common objective in mind – to help Clubs grow.

Together with friends and acquaintances of various club members who have been waiting to start square dancing, we believe that there is a growing pent-up market segment of people who will be ready to embrace new social activities to allow them to simply “get out of the house”!

So, the excellent opportunity to grow your Club will be present for everyone, once we have the go ahead to start dancing again. Will you be ready?

Step #1 – form a Club Committee entitled “Introduction to Modern Square Dancing”. We recommend a committee of between 3 to 8 members from your Club.

Step #2 – Communicate to all of your Club Members that you wish to grow your Club. And of course, you will need everyone to help along the way when the marketing switch is turned on!

In the next few Bugle publications, we will outline the Next Steps for your Club. In the meantime, please reach out to Tom and Jo Kahnert, SWOSDA Coordinators of ‘Helping Clubs Grow’˙ by way of email or a phone call to mention your plans. Our Committee will be ready to assist!

In the meantime, our SWOSDA Helping Clubs Grow Committee wishes you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We will meet again soon ……

Tom & Jo Kahnert (tom@teamtomandjo.com OR jo@teamtomandjo.com)
Past Presidents, Strathroy Swinging Duos
2nd Vice-Presidents, SWOSDA, 2020-2021

PLEASE NOTE - January 29 @ 1:30pm - Caller's Clinic Zoom Meeting!