Executive meetings have always been scheduled each month during the dance season and the Executive continues to meet today immediately prior to the monthly dances. In 2000, general meetings were reduced from six to three per season (November, February and April). In 2006, the decision was made to eliminate the November and February general meetings and schedule future general meetings at the call of the chair when there is specific business to discuss. The annual (April) and other general meetings require a quorum of club representatives and are held in conjunction with a monthly dance at the end of the afternoon sessions just before the supper hour.

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Jim Ferris & Dot Mitchell
Kitchener, ON
Email: dottux@hotmail.com

Past Presidents

Austin & Avril Hayward
Woodstock, ON
Email: trapperjet@yahoo.ca
Email: avril.hayward@yahoo.ca

1st Vice Presidents

2nd Vice Presidents
Merv & Janice Reid
Port Stanley, ON
Email: mervreid@rogers.com

Tom & Linda Charlton
53 Tarry Parkway
Aylmer, ON   N5H 3E2
Email: swosdasecretary@gmail.com

Gerry & Don Richardson
9 Dunwich Dr.
St. Thomas, ON   N5R 4T7

Square & Round Dance Section Leader
Jeff & Andrea Priest
Brantford, ON
Email: jeff@jeffreypriest.com

Registration & Door Receipts
Stan & Mary Smith
Fergus, ON
Email: stanmary47@gmail.com

Fred & Dianne Joyner
Branford, ON
Dianne Email: ldfjoyner@yahoo.ca
Fred Email: frederickjoyner@yahoo.ca

Halls & Refreshments
Mark & Heather Ackersviller
472 Westheights Dr.
Kitchener, ON
Email: ackersviller@rogers.com

Publicity & Bugle Correspondent
Jack & Aurelia Pasma
Woodstock, ON
Email: pasmafam@gmail.com

Bugle Editors - WEB
Dan & Rhetha Roy
18 Snobelen Trail
Kincardine, ON   N2Z 0C6
Email: bugle@swosda.ca

Duties of the various offices

(Condensed for this listing)

  • Coordinate activities of the association.
  • Serves as member ex-officio of all committees
  • Ensure the activities of the association are running in a progressive manner.
  • Represents association at all regular dances and other functions and prepares messages for the Bugle.
  • Preside over all General & Executive meetings.
Past President
  • Provides continuity in Executive operations.
  • Chairs the Nominating Committee.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the President
  • Reports at Executive and General Meetings
  • Reports on dance activities.
Vice President
  • Assumes responsibility and duties of President in his/her absence.
  • This position assumes duties of one of the other Executive positions.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by President.

(Appointed Position)

  • Serves as recording secretary at Executive and General Meetings
  • Assists with agenda preparation and distributes minutes
  • Communicates with SWOSDA membership regarding Association activities and business.
  • Maintains up to date record of club membership.
  • Ensures association and corporate records are properly maintained.
  • Other duties as required.

(Appointed Position)

  • Ensure the associations financial activities are recorded and properly maintained
  • Provide a financial report at General and Executive meetings.
  • Receives all association monies and cosign payments for rendered services.
  • Ensure an annual audit is completed of all activities shortly after financial close.
Round Dance Section Leader
  • Provide activity reports at Executive & General Meetings.
  • Coordinate Round dance activities at all Association dances.
  • Coordinate Round Dance Leaders so that a Round Dance program is available at regular dances and Round Dance Party’s in September and May.
  • Coordinate a location for the September & May Round Dance Parties.
  • Ensure the programs are available to the Bugle Editor in time for posting to the website.
Square Dance Section Leader
  • Provide activity reports at Executive & General Meetings.
  • Coordinate Square dance activities at all Association dances.
  • Coordinate Callers so that a Square Dance program is available at regular dances.
  • Ensure the programs are available to the Bugle Editor in time for posting to the website.
Hall & Refreshments Coordinator
  • Arranging for member clubs to host future association dances at least one year in advance and supplies each host club with a copy of the Guidelines for Host Clubs.
  • Liaises with host clubs to ensure that club responsibilities are carried out in a timely manner in accordance with the ‘Guidelines for Host Clubs’.
  • Attempts should be made to limit spending when it comes to hall rentals.
  • Maintain historical listing of club involvement.
  • Reports at Executive and General Meetings.
Registration & Door Receipts
  • Report at Executive & General Meetings.
  • Attends all association dances, arriving 30 minutes early for setup purposes.
  • Greet dancers as they arrive, and collect payment as they sign in.
  • Collect and record statistics on attendance.
  • Display a list of member clubs at General Meetings so that respective delegates may sign in.
  • The aim is to have all Member Clubs visited every year by an Executive member.
  • A duty of each Executive member is to share in the task of club visits.
  • (Clubs not visited during the year should get priority the following year)
  • At beginning of the year, canvas the Executive as to see which clubs they would like to visit.
  • Monitors clubs visited.
  • At each Executive meeting, report on the number of clubs visited.
Bugle Editor / Webmaster  (on-line since April 2009)

(Appointed Position)

  • Collects and coordinates items for publication (clubs news, flyers, other items of interest, etc).
  • Compiles monthly dance calendar for all clubs.
  • Publishes to the Web,  the Bugle 9 times yearly during the dance season (September to April, & June).
  • Provide activity reports at Executive & General meetings.
  • Act as a central information repository for all southwestern Ontario clubs
Bugle Correspondent / Public Relations
  • Submits a written report to the Bugle Editor immediately after each regular association dance
  • Develops public relations program if required.
  • Attends Executive and General meetings