2018 Fund Raiser Dance

The committee representing the 2018 Canadian Square and Round Dance convention, wish to thank all those that attended the 2018 Convention fund raiser in St. Agatha on October 2nd.

It was truly inspiring and exciting to see all the support shown by the dancers and we know you are behind us all the way to July 2018. There were 17 clubs represented with 44 couples and 11 single dancers that made up between 8 and 10 squares on the floor at any given time. What a great motivational boost you have given our team, as well as needed funds.

Jeff Priest and Tom Charlton gave freely of their time, talents and equipment to ensure everyone had a great time with a mix of main stream and plus squares. These two obviously love to work with each other, and we laughed and danced our afternoon away together to their caller humour and harmonies.

Andrea Priest provided a full compliment of round dances to phase 3, and judging by the full circle of dancers, it was sincerely appreciated. Andrea also donated her time, talents and equipment for this event and the enjoyment she provided to so many, speaks loudly of her commitment to the 2018 convention and her dedication to ensuring it’s success.

It was noted that Barry and Pam Clasper were in attendance. Barry is a past chair of Caller Lab and the first to step forward and offer his assistance to the 2018 Convention as a caller. It is encouraging to see this kind of unselfish undertaking in support of our convention and the floor showed their appreciation when they were recognized.

The convention dance demonstration group that were organized and appeared in Regina, again danced their program to everyone’s enjoyment. All in their colourful tee shirts, the various configurations and dance formations were beautifully choreographed. An awesome job calling by Tom Charlton and kudos to Jeff Priest for filling in as a dancer for the group as certain members could not be in attendance. He never missed a beat. Guess it helps when you write the choreography eh Jeff ? Well done.

Members of the 2018 convention committee provided the large table of assorted cookies, squares, cup cakes, breads and other goodies for all to enjoy. Coffee and water were also provided.

It was wonderful to see SWOSDA executive as well as committee members all working together to get this done.

We certainly have an awesome team and as the days, weeks, and months go by, I can’t see us losing any momentum in providing dancers with what we hope will be the best Canadian Convention ever.

Austin & Avril Hayward
Publicity Chair Couple
2018 Canadian Square and Round Dance Convention

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