Square Dance FAQ

Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

What does SWOSDA stand for?
Why should I start square dancing?
What is Modern Square Dancing?
Do I have to memorize a long list of dance sequences?
Is it difficult to learn how to square dance?
Is Square Dancing only for Seniors?
Do I need to buy the fancy country and western clothes that is often associated with square dancing?
I don’t really like country music. Is that all I’ll hear?
What if I mess up?
How can I learn more about the History of Square and Round Dancing and SWOSDA
How can I recognize someone who is making significant contributions to our club?
Are there any other awards for SWOSDA members?
Our club is looking to recruit new members. Do you have any tips or hints?
Someone said a good idea to help recruit new members is to pass out business cards. Is that true?
Okay, we’ve got the word out, but how do we keep people coming out and joining our club?
I’d love to become a caller. Anything you can do to help?
Are there square dancing conventions?